Both are 3-pin XLR connectors. One female and one male.

thumb|300px|right|This clips shows Soumya Mitra giving his opnion.The XLR connector is used for various applications from lighting control, low-voltage power supplies, and other applications. By far the most commonly application is as a proffesnial electrical audio connector.

XLR connectors contain anything from 3-7 pins, dependent on what it being used for.

3-Pin: Balanced audio (most common). 4-Pin: standard connector for intercom headsets, DC power, and two pins is used for the mono headphone signal and two pins for the unbalanced microphone signal. 5-Pin: DMX512 digital lighting control. 6-Pin: dual channel intercom systems. 7-Pin: Fog machines for remote control.

An XLR cable can carry an audio signal easily up to a 1KM, without hardly any interferance. thumb|left|300px|This clip demonstrates how to solder an XLR connector.

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