Pro Tool, screen shot.

thumb|300px|right|Advice on how to mix vocalsthumb|300px|right|Tutorial on how to use a compressor. thumb|300px|right|Tutorial on reverbPro Tools is a piece of software designed for recording and editing purposes within most audio related industries, such as music production, film scoring, film, and television post production.&nbsp

Pro tools can be used as a stand alone piece of software, purely for editing reasons, but it also has the capability to be used as a interface to control external devices, such as mixing desks, etc.

Pro tools is used as a creative aid, which has endless creative possibilities. The software is designed to be very intuitive and as such is pretty easy to use, although has to use it to its full potential is not so easy, and requires a more audio knowledgeable mind.

There are many versions of Pro tools, each time Adobe make improvements based on the reviews, made by professional users of the software. The newest version to date is Pro tools 10. Here are some of the improvements made for this version:

    • 64-bit compatible
    • Extended disk cache
    • Improved disk scheduler
    • Clip Gain
    • Real-time Fades
    • Support for AAX Plug-ins
    • AudioSuite improvements
    • LLM for ASIO and Core Audio
    • New Channel Strip and Down Mixer Plugin
    • 32-bit float session format support
    • Support for mixed file formats
    • Input monitoring improvements

Here are some usefull website: