thumb|300px|right|How to make a Phono connector.Apart from the most common XLR connector, there are various other audio connectors used for various home and proffesinal apllications

Audio connectors can be split into 3 main catogries:

Single-conductor connectors : Early audio connectors with a single conductor. The use of these connectors is in decline.

Multi-conductor connectors : Multi-conductor are commonly used in both proffesnial and house hold appliances and are used to provide a stereo audio signal. This is a list of most of the connectors, DB25, DIN, RCA/ Phono (digital/audio/analog video), TRS (JACK), XLR.

Digital audio interfaces and interconnects : Mainly used in a proffesnial situation, to carry a digital signal. ADAT, AES/EBU, S/PDIF

thumb|300px|right|In this clip, a din plug is repaired for use of a marshall amp.

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